Current Conditions

Current conditions reflect a failing bulkhead, dilapidated docks with rotting timbers and gaps between timbers, electrical connections not up to code, overgrown areas, and in general hazardous, unsafe and unsightly conditions.

Current Conditions of Okaloosa County Park, Soundside Access #2, Okaloosa island, FL | MRD Associates, Inc.

Public Workshop – Held November 13, 2018

To encourage the involvement and input of stakeholders, a public workshop was held on November 13, 2018. The public workshop helped determine what amenities at Soundside Access Number 2 are in the best interest of all parties involved through public input and surveys conducted both at the workshop and online.

Okaloosa Soundside Public Workshop | MRD Associates | Emerald Coast Convention Center

Conceptual Design

The following conceptual design for Soundside Access Number 2, Okaloosa County, Florida was approved by the Okaloosa County TDC on February 26, 2019 to advance to the design phase. This is a conceptual design and is still subject to change. Dates for future meetings and presentations regarding this project will be updated once they are finalized. Residents with questions or comments regarding this design are welcome to contact us.

Living Shoreline | Waterfront Design | MRD Associates Conceptual Boat Basin Improvements for Okaloosa County Soundside Access #2, Okaloosa Island, FL

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